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Sins of the evil redhead

22 April 1966
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Life is what you make it...sometimes...
anais nin, architecture, art, articulation, b!, baths, bats, battle wounds & bruises, beaches, beauty, being girlie, bite marks, biting, bjork, bondage, books, boys, breakfast, breasts, brie, bubbles, buffy, candles, caro/jeunet films, caseselfloather, chambord, chocolate, clubs, cocteau twins, coffee, comics, cooking, corsets, costume design, creativity, cuddling, dancing, david lynch, daydreaming, debauchery, decadent desserts, delerium, deviance, die form, disneyland, dorkiness, dreams, dress up, edward gorey, erotica, faeries, fetish, fine dining, fireplaces, freaksnightout, friends, furry things, gargoyles, gourmet food, halloween, happiness, hillcrest, honesty, idm, integrity, intelligence, japanese stuff, kenneth cole, kissing, languorousness, laughter, lenore, long talks, love, luminal, lust, mac, make-up, martini mafia, massive attack, music, mythology, nakedness, nefariousness, neil gaiman, nightime, nightmare before christmas, nudity, open minds, optimism, orgasms, oscar wilde, outside the box, passion, people watching, philosophy, photography, pinstripes, pleasure, poetry, portishead, pretty girls, pvc, rain, rainy days, rationality, reading, redheads, road trips, romance, san francisco, sensuality, sex, shoes, shopping, sippies, smoochies, spirituality, storms, surreal moments, sushi, sydney bristow, tea, the brotherhood, the cure, the ocean, tim burton, travel, tricky, trip hop, vampires, victorian, villains, vintage, vinyl, vodka, water, whiskey, wine, wishing, writing, yoga, zen