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[14 Jun 2012|02:06pm]
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Howdy lj... [19 Aug 2009|12:12pm]
Been a while.

I so prefer facebook, much easier, wish more of you folks were on there.

Anyway, posting pictures here is a bitch, so here is a link to our family pets:

This was how I spent a good chunk of yesterday & plan on doing the same today.

It is cold here, going to go cuddle Little Boo under a blankie ^ get some rattie kissies.
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We got the perfect flat... [28 Jul 2009|07:06pm]
[ mood | giddy ]

We got the place we really wanted!!! :)

Actually, we got all three places we applied for, thanks to B's stellar credit rating and high income, oh, and our charming, polite & friendly personalities helped too.

Pictures to come later, I need to upload some.

It is approx. 1800 sqare feet, corner 2nd floor flat, 4 sets of huge bay windows, 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom, huge office for B, beautiful living room, big kitchen with a brand new stove (and soon to be awesome new refridgerator that B is going to buy us), hardwood floors throughout, long hallway, storage nooks & crannies and even a utility room (which is big enough for the sleek new washer & dryer we picked out & a craft table/shelving for me). Oh, and the best part, it come with garage parking!!! So hard to find in Noe Valley where our home is! There is a store downstairs that sells various things you might need in a jam, as well as Racer 5 Beer, one of our favorites that is usually only found at places like Wholefoods.

We are only 2 miles away from Danielley's school too! :)

I could go on & on about how perfect and wonderful this place is, how easy it was to find the right place (we only viewed 3 flats - this was our 2nd apointment) and how ecstatic the three of us are, but I overdid it today and am paying dearly for it tonight.

Thanks to everyone for all the wishes of good luck and positivity, it sure helped.

I am flying up next week, probably Thursday, to get the ball rolling. Danielley will follow me the following week, on the 12th. And, B will be up a week or two after that. Then our happy home will be complete.

Oh yeah, I will miss everyone, but we have plenty of room for guests! :)

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My virgin Virgin flight... [25 Jul 2009|10:10am]
Getting on a plane in a few hours to head to San Francisco for our 5 days of busting ass to find an aprtment asap! Lots of great prospects, 9 locations to view tomorrow. Very, very excited!

I love my boy so much, he got us 1st class upgrades so I could be more comfortable, and our original tickets were the mid-grade with a little more room, just in case we were not able to get the upgrade to 1st class. I mean, he obviously benefits too, free drinks and all, but his concern for my comfort was much needed after two weeks of more pain than usual and lack of sleepage. He is the best!

In a month I will be under the same roof with both of my darlings again, this not having either one of them with me was not so good. They ground me and make me immensely happy. :)
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TONIGHT... TONIGHT... TONIGHT [04 Jul 2009|02:40pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]


Ascension tonight - 4th of July celebration at the Kava Lounge.
DJs Robin Roth, Tom King and special guest DJ Brendan Cahill (Decade, Luminal) spinning the best in dark underground dance music.

Plus, it's your chance to win tickets to San Diego's huge party in the midst of Comic-Con weekend, X-Sanguin VIII.

More info here:

Come see 2 of my most favorite djs & my brilliant boy spin, he is going to be busting out some Old Skool stuff.

Who will I have the pleasure of seeing tonight?

//Roll Call time folks\\

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:( [01 Jul 2009|04:15pm]
Our little rat girlie Jenny passed away today! She had multiple tumors/cancer and fought a good battle. Danielle seems to be taking it pretty well so far, but I hate not being able to have physically been there for her. Danielle was able to hold her and give her love while she was dying. They made her a kick ass memorial in their backyard. Wish I could have been there to hold her too...
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Stuff & Things... [11 Jun 2009|04:09pm]
Minor Rantiness ahead...

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Good stuffs...

I got new medication today for my nerve pain, I think it might be helping a bit already. I am remaining positive that the medication and physical therapy (which should be approved soon) will do the trick. The doctors were honest and told me it could help, but that with nerve damage, it is a crap shoot as to what will work. I have been in bed most of this week as well, but, my niece has been keeping me company and cheering me up. She is so sweet! After dinner each night, she comes and crawls in bed with me and hangs out until her bedtime. Besides the health stuff, I have other great news, it seems I will actually get to see my boyfriend for the entire weekend this weekend. He has to work some, but from home instead of the office (like last weekend) and not to the point that it is silly for me to even be there. I should be back to my normal self soon! :) Hopefully in time for my 25th High School reunion, which is next Saturday. Jeez, I feel so old lately...
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For Karni_Mata [10 Jun 2009|03:20pm]

This made me think of Michelle…

Thrill the World happens each year, last year was the 25th anniversary of The Thriller video, people learn the Thriller dance and then perform it simultaneously world-wide. Last year, 10 nations, 72 cities and 4,179 people did the dance on Oct 25th.

Pretty fucking cool!
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Buster of all busts!!! [24 May 2009|02:01pm]
Brendan and I are sickies!

We both felt shitty when I came over Thursday night, and got much worse Friday and spent most of the day on the couch passed the fuck out. I kept attributing it to bad allergies, he insisted we were both sick, I had not seen him in almost a week, & used that logic to determine it had to be allergies (we both suffer from them pretty bad this time of year). But, yeah, not so much. So, he wins, sadly! It is in my chest now and I have an awful earache and a fever.

No BBQ with most of my bestest friends and their kidlets for me, keeping my germies to myself. Bummer....

I actually cried after I called Michelley to tell her we couldn't come. I have been looking forward to this since we talked about it last weekend. Guess I am hormonal too, I mean, really? Crying over missing a BBQ? WTF?

I am determined to have roasted white corn and the freshest most perfect strawberries I can find though, maybe I can convince B to take me the store real quick for some yummie fruit & veggies and some gelato to help my sore throat.
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Need help.... [23 May 2009|07:35pm]
So, Brendan's neighbor has been BLARING bad music since about 10:30 am. Really bad music, hurts my ears kind of music. Which is all well and good, to each his own. And, up until 1/2 hour ago, I could only hear it when we didn't have anything on. But, then they turned up their base - a lot!!! The fucking walls are shaking and shit and I am getting another fun headache, my fourth since the migraine brought on by the flashes & fight scenes in Star Trek on Sunday. :(

So, here is the deal, B has his sub woofer turned way down out of courtesy to the other tenants. When he had his pissy neighbor downstairs that had some sort of magical hearing ability and would come up and ask us to turn shit down, or not play Rock Band with the drums on, B actually turned it off completely. And, we all gave up learning to master the elusive drum skills needed for Rock Band songs as well. He has thankfully since moved out, so we have sub woofer and our beloved base back, but at a reasonable level.

The thing is, B's system is pretty pricey and high tech and all that good stuff. So, I can always turn it way up and blare something uber basey. My head is poundy though and I can't think.

I need some suggestions as to what to retaliate with?

Oh, yeah, with B's and my varied taste in music, we have a good chance of having whatever you suggest, unless of course you plan on being contrary and intentionally suggesting something particularly onerous. But, hey thats okay too, I like smart asses.

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Nikki Sixx is hot!!! [23 May 2009|07:11pm]
Oh man, this makes me feel old, but he is 8 years older than me, so, yeah!

I stumbled upon this live music station Palladia today (I could never find it on cox before) that shows concert footage, random videos and music related stuff in fucking HD! I love it, saw the Cure a month or so ago and was hooked. Sadly, I must admit that I have not seen a live concert since Delerium in 2003. I used to see as many shows as I could afford, ever since I was in high school and knew people that worked for Faun & Silva (SP?) that got me free or cheap tickets and backstage passes for special occasions (like Billy Idol for my 18th birthday - he is one tiny man)! Yeah, I love music and realized I need to step up my concert going again.

So, I found the station, excitedly told Brendan about it, then we both fell asleep to David Gilmour live from Gdansk, the music was amazing, but we both are having bad allergy/sinus stuff though and conked out. I woke up to B watching Rush and decided I need to see them in concert again, they were my first concert when I was 14 years old and will always have a special place in my heart!

So, then, as B and I are getting ready to get out of the house we have been cooped up in all day, Motley fucking Crue comes on, hell fucking yeah!!! It is recent stuff, but they still kick some serious ass! I have an enormous boner for Nikki Sixx!! I have a new found borderline obsession with him and Motley Crue in general. I blame it on Danielle who got into them a while ago, and then B being stoked she liked them, got back into them too. Viscious circle, I tell you. So, I ditched my boy for our coffee date to stay home and drool over Nikki Sixx's hotness. Oh my word, he just came out in a Nazi Uniform with the hat & everything! //swoon\\

The funny thing is, the crowd is mostly made up of really hot young girls, old metal heads (with baseball caps on to hide their balding scalps) and chicks my age that dragged out their club outfits & gear from the late 80s and have no business wearing that shit at their age. Christ!

So much goodness....
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Switching things up [05 May 2009|04:14pm]
So, since I primarily use Face Book now, and in a couple months should be returning to work AND starting Grad School, I need to do some maintenance on here.

Being the voyeur that I am, I would love to know if any of you are on Face Book (so I will be able to follow you there), since I go on that site almost daily and rarely use lj these days.

You can either add me (under my real name - Michelle Chatelain), or simply shoot me an email with what your user name is, and I can add you that way. I would appreciate it greatly! :)

I am going to slice my friends list rather drastically as well, not an attempt to garner attention, or a means to slight anyone, it is nothing personal! This journal was always my brain dump, venting spot and random posting site, I am aware it is not all that interesting to those that don't really know me (and perhaps not even to those that do). I never made the effort to try to be as witty as say serialkiller, marieoroumania or orbasm. I actually am a pretty darn good writer when I try, but, even at my best, I'll never be as good as selfish, angelcityblues, kambrieloktober or nanilla. But, I digress....

I just wanted to see who I could find on Face Book before I start downsizing, and to let people that might get their panties in a wad know that I am only de-friending people out of necessity.

So, um, yeah...

Oops, almost forgot, I can't access my old Flickr account, so I created a new one, to follow a few people, and because my interest in photography is growing daily. So, if you wonder who michelleyc34 is, that is me! :)

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One of the many reasons I love BUST! [01 May 2009|03:25pm]
Their sex file section.

Short erotica about a hot gyno (we've all had one of those at some point). Made me all randy & stuff.

And this:

Yes, you can recycle your toys after their usefullness has waned. They turn them into park benches and playground mulch. Sweet!

And, best part, you get a $10 gift card for for sending them in.
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Epic Fail! And, need some advice... [01 May 2009|01:27pm]
Nothing dramatic, just funny!

Tried to give myself a pedicure, given my fucked up back & leg, & relative lack of flexibility at this point, it was like trying to blow myself. Futile and frustrating as hell. Yeah, big fat fail!

So, my left foot is jacked up, I stepped in some cleaner and my skin has been dry, flaky & irritated for a couple months, then I stubbed my big toe & two days later dropped a big can of beans on it. I have been losing my nail for a while, but more than half of it was hanging on. Then, while in Vegas, I stubbed the toe & ripped away part of the nail and five minutes later dropped a clunky shoe with an evil wooden heel on it (yes, the same toe). I blame the mojitos for that incident!

I got brave last night and diligently took most of the nail off, fearing running around the park tomorrow and having it catch on something & completely ripping off & consequently grossing out my friends. Ew! It was fun seeing B all wincy and thoroughly grossed out - especially when I had to take the polish off the nub of a nail I have left while the remover burned & seared the raw exposed flesh! Fun!

I have needed a pedicure for some time, didn't have time for one before Vegas, then with the gross toe thing, I can't go. So, last night I did the grosser parts (I hate feet), then slathered on cuticle creme & a bunch of lotion before bed & I just painted them my favorite color Piha Black by Lancome, which is a bitch to deal with when you can't get a good grip on your toesies (black everywhere).

They look okay though, much better than with my remnants left from my last pedicure on Danielley's birthday, it was so damn hard though, I feel like I just did a hard yoga class, or ya know, tried to pleasure myself for far oo long.

B is making me tasty lunch as we speak, portobello & veggie patties on whole wheat buns with avocado & soy cheese - yum! Well, maybe not the soy cheese bit.

I, for the life of me, cannot figure out what to make for tomorrow. Not knowing if it is going to rain, and having to go buy a food processor for B's house to make the hummus is making it harder than it should be. I need a processor here, I have been unhappy without one, but I am having such a lazy day!

What should I make people? I love making appetizer/dippy/munchie type goodies to share with everyone?
shit I don't know

Happy Anniversary to the Carleys... [01 May 2009|12:21am]
Josh & Ivonne!

I can't believe it has been 5 years!


Happy Anniversary to you!

I hope you have a wonderful day! :)

Much love!!!
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Vegas baby!!! :) [30 Apr 2009|04:43pm]
So, I realized that people I care about here on lj are not on Facebook, and therefore have no idea that I had the best time ever in Vegas and had an awesome birthday to boot! Which, incidentally, is not over yet, still have some celebrating to do! :)

Vegas was awesome, Ed (B's best friend at work) and his wife Fran are the best!!!! We had so much fun! The Epicurean Affair was a bust, but we made it loads of fun!!! Had the best sushi ever at Shibuya, omg, so fucking scrumptious. Lots of other foody goodness too, sadly not at the Epicurean thingee, but I did have the best Sangria (besides my own of course). Had my first, and immediately thereafter, second mojito, loved them!! As a result, I burned myself on hot rollers, trying to get ready for the Epi event. It was hilarious, I am such a damn lightweight now that I barely drink. Tee-hee!

Besides the great company, good food and loads of fun, my boy spoiled me good and proper (in every way shape & form), he simply made my birthday the best I have had in a long time! Which is saying a great deal considering last year he took me to New York, and for my 40th, he spoiled me with Vegas too! He did everything he could to make it special. This included getting my favorite beer and playing House of the Dead with me to quell my nerves when Ed & Fran were late getting there and I was getting worried about making it to the airport on time, since I had never done the wheelchair thing at the sky cap desk before, I was worried it would take longer, instead it went quicker. Seeing my cute boy wielding a gun (even if it was plastic) and kicking ass on some zombies while drinking Pliney was a phenomenal way to start my birthday shenanigans.

He gave me a ticket for slots in the amount of $22.26 that I managed to turn into damn near $600 in just three slot games, in one case, the machine *called to me*, cheezy but true, that was my big win of $276 after only four spins! Sadly, I lost about $60 being bored while they played blackjack at a full table (so I could not win more money a more fun way), and I kept wandering off to play slots because I was tired of getting hit on with my boyfriend right fucking there, some guys have 0 class. Ew!

Bummed I did not get to meet up with Guy, but there was no time since we were only there two days and had a packed schedule.

Came home with the crud, sinus ick and aches that turned quickly to the stomach flu //insert random silly swine flu quote here\\. I am finally feeling somewhat human, but need to be 100% better by Saturday because we gots some important plans.

So yeah, been stuck at home lonely (D's been gone all this week but one night, probably staying away from my germies). After living on bread, tortillas and grits for three days, I managed to keep down down a small turkey sandwich today. Still nauseous as all hell, but I think it is what I did to my stomach in Vegas (booze & rich food) that is the culprit and not the flu any longer. Silly me, but I must say, it was much needed and fun while it lasted.

Thankfully, I'm feeling better enough to see B tonight! I miss him, after spending almost a week there, four days away is too much! I am so craving sushi, according to Mikey, wasabi (combined with 2 other ingredients) will allow me to breath again (stupid sinuses).
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Seriously! [30 Apr 2009|12:57pm]
Some people need to lighten the fuck up!

All the negativity and bullshit are draining. Find something to be happy about rather than bitching and moaning about everything and insulting people.

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The baby! [13 Apr 2009|07:55pm]
[ mood | loved ]

We have new fuzzy friend/family member. Adam rescued this little girl from the feeder rats at his second job. He brought her over to show Danielley, and the little rattie girl and Danielle fell hard for each other. Danielle was going to wait until Jenny goes (she’s still doing remarkably well and hanging in there, as we are doing all we can to ensure she has the best quality of life she can). But, this little girl stole her heart, so she is staying with us! Jenny loves her too and seems happy to have a wee little friend!!! :)

Sarah and I have fallen for her too.

We think her name is Stella, but are not sure, we are still getting to know her. Adam was going to name her Remi, but she does not seem like a Remi to me.


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Okay, going to watch Despereaux with my niece now for some more rodent goodness!

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Easter Goodness... [13 Apr 2009|07:43pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Our Easter was good. We had out extended family over, including my cousin I have not seen in ages. My Mom made some tasty stuff, including baked yams, and I made a yummie Spring Berry Sangria (rose’ champagne with blueberries, blackberries, strawberries & Chambord) and Lemon Mint Braised Artichokes (super labor intensive to get to just the stem & very inner leaves/heart – but so tasty). It was so good being around my family, especially my Dad, whom I don’t see often enough.

Easter pictures:

Some of the flowers I brought

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Relationship thingee... [13 Apr 2009|02:08pm]
How long have you been together?
Damn near 8 years (July 31st 2001)

How long did you know each other before you started dating?
Um, we knew of each other for a year or so, about 2 months of actually knowing each other though. I thought he was way too young for me, luckily Daisy convinced me otherwise, thanks Daisy! :)

Who asked whom out?
Well, I made the first move, but he asked me out first.
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